About Me

Genuine, Playful, and Caring

I have practiced therapy with adults, children, and couples in Portland, Oregon since I received my Master of Social Work from Portland State University in 2009. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the State of Oregon and am qualified to offer individual and group supervision to licensure candidates for both LPC and LCSW.

As a therapist, I am curious and positive. I want to know about how my clients define themselves, and how they would like to change. I love stories, and root my practice in helping others find their unique story of strength and healing. My goal is to help clients get “out of the box”, find hope, meaning, and success, however that may look for each individual or family.

I have expertise in complex individual and family situations. I specialize in depression, anxiety, family and couple discord, developmental disabilities, play and narrative therapy, and mental health crisis intervention. Additionally I have experience working with clients of all ages struggling with issues of addiction. I often incorporate Eastern meditation and mindfulness practices throughout my work, and believe that focusing on building both emotional and physical well-being is the best path to life contentment.

In my personal life, I strive to be positive, hopeful, and authentic. I consider myself a playful person, and I often use humor in my professional work. While it is important to take this work seriously, we also must learn to laugh at absurd situations and ourselves sometimes. I spend a great deal of my free time outdoors. I enjoy the peace and connection that nature provides. I love running, hiking, paddleboarding, doing yoga and kickboxing. During my downtime, I read and color. I also spend a lot of time goofing off with (and talking about) my dog, Elsie.